Live-Video Streaming over Internet using P2PSP

Cristóbal Medina López, Juan Pablo García Ortiz and Juan Alvaro Muñoz Naranjo,
Luxunda SL.
Leocadio González Casado and Vicente González Ruiz,

Jun 17, 2015


1 P2PSP (Peer-to-Peer “Straightforward” Protocol)
2 IP-TV over P2PSP
3 Designed as a collection of Sets of Rules
4 IP Mulicast Set (IMS) of Rules
5 Data Broadcasting Set (DBS) of Rules
NAT: Network Address Translation
6 Full-cone Nat Set (FNS) of Rules
7 Adaptive Chunk-rate Set (ACS) of Rules
8 Lost chunks Recovery Set (LRS) of Rules
9 End-point Masquerading Set (EMS) of Rules
Full-cone NATs versus Restricted-cone NATs
10 Restricted (-Cone) NAT Traversal Set (RTS) of Rules
Cone NATs versus Symmetric NATs
11 Symmetric NAT Traversal Set (STS) of Rules
12 Content Integrity Set (CIS)
13 Data Privacy Set (DPS)
14 Multi-Channel Set (MCS)