5 A mathematical analysis of the P2PSP

Important aspects to analyze are: (1) the average throughtput of the system, measured as a ratio between the capacity of the network and the effective bandwidth that the overlay provides, (2) the average start-up/swiching delay (the time interval from when one stream is selected by a user util the playback starts) and (3) the average playback time lags between peers due to the deployment of the buffering mechanisms. This study should be performed depending of the cluster size.

This section presents a analitical model of the P2PSP using the stochastic differential equation approach [R. Brockett, “Stochastic control,” Harvard University, lecure notes.].

Let us make the same fluid assumption as in [13], that is let the content from the server be infinitely divisible and the file be infinitely large so that the server continuously send content to the peers.



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