GSoC Ideas Page

Welcome to P2PSP Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2018 project ideas page. We will use this page to develop possible project ideas. Please note that anyone who is interested can participate in this process. You do not have to be a GSoC student or mentor to suggest possible project ideas. If you want to suggest an idea, please, send an email with the subject “GSoC 18 Ideas” to info [at] You can also join the team at GitHub, chat on Gitter.

Potential mentors: Vicente González Ruiz, Cristóbal Medina López, Leocadio González Casado, Juan Álvaro Muñoz Naranjo, Juan Pablo García Ortiz, Jose Manuel García Salmerón, Max Mertens, Juan José Moreno Riado, and Yuansong Qiao.

The current list of ideas for the GSoC

Statistics module to measure the audience and other interesting data.

WebRTC implementation of a NAT traversal procedure based on port prediction.

Chromecast support for P2PSP.

Implementation of the P2PSP as a JS library: P2PSP-JS.

Implementation of the Data Broadcasting Set of Rules 2 (DBS2) using P2PSP-JS as a Chromecast application.

Improving data security with the DPS layer.

Automatization of the deployment of a P2PSP team (or a part of it) over the PlanetLab infrastructure.

Development of a tracker of splitters.

Implementation of a media-aware splitter.

Improve GoPro project.

Testing the reliability of P2PSP teams.

Automatic peer clustering using several teams.

Using Internet Sockets instead of Unix sockets.

Measure the latency of the chunks transmission.

Implement a lost-chunks recovery system based on Reed-Solomon codes.

Implement IMS layer.

Reimplement to replace threading.Thread by multiprocessing processes.

Note: the mentor assigned for each idea is not definitive.

Ideas proposed in the past turned into reality:

Design and Implementation of a new source video from mobile phone (Android).

Translate core code in python to C++.

Implementation of the NAT Traversal Set (NTS) of rules of the Peer-to-Peer Straightforward Protocol (P2PSP).

Prevention of Pollution Attacks - Model 1.

Design, implementation and integration of a graphical user interface for the Peer in the P2PSP python implementation.

Implementation of the End-point Masquerading Set (EMS) of rules of the Peer-to-Peer Straightforward Protocol (P2PSP).

Implementation of a GoPro Gateway.

The P2PSP virtual room application.

Implementation of a REST WebService for the P2PSP media sources.

A P2PSP simulator.

Ideas partially done