Introducing the P2PSP Official Web

P2PSP Official Web

After more than a year working on Launchpad, we finally have a website where we can present to the community the progress, news and P2PSP protocol implementations. We are also busy designing a logo and some content to start giving life to the Web.

Our goal is to keep the community active, learn and collaborate to obtain a simple but powerful protocol that allows the exchange of multimedia content through the network efficiently. We would like all the documentation and the code that is generated can be useful to learn about socket and communications over Internet. Therefore, we have taken the time to write a reference document which explains in detail the P2PSP protocol.

Finally, we still invite you to join the community and cooperate. Remember you can help: writing content for the Web, bug reporting, debugging code, creating their own branch, etc.

Are you ready to have fun learning?

Get involved!